Judo is an originally Japanese contact sport for all ages with a rich tradition and history. Judo has many specializations. It allows you to compete in matches and master traditional technique series. Judo contributes to resilience (self-confidence), and motor skills, for example learning to fall safely. Judo brings much joy.

Budo Gouweleeuw offers judo to a wide audience from 4 years old. Besides regular classes for youth and adults, we have special training sessions for the following target groups:

Competition judo

Budo Gouweleeuw has competition groups on Wednesday evening especially for the die-hards. From 18:00 to 19:30, the 7 to 12-year-olds can go for competition training. On Wednesday evenings from 19:30 to 21:00, there is competition training for adults (from 12 years old). In these training sessions, special attention is paid to competition techniques, strength, and cardio. These lessons are intended for enthusiastic judokas who are looking for an extra challenge.

Budo Gouweleeuw organizes its own tournament every year to introduce members to judo competitions in a familiar environment. In addition, it is possible for interested parties to participate in both regional and national competitions outside the club.

Read more about competitive judo.

Tumble Judo (2 and 3-year-olds)

At Budo Gouweleeuw we have added toddler judo to our curriculum, especially for the very youngest. Children want to move. By tumbling in a group, they develop their motor and social skills and benefit from this throughout their lives. Your toddler is introduced to the basic principles of judo in a playful way. Read more about tumble judo at Budo Gouweleeuw.

Adapted judo

Adapted judo offers young people with a disability a sports lesson in which they can be busy with moving with clear norms and values. Click here to read more about adapted judo at Budo Gouweleeuw.


Budo Gouweleeuw works together with a number of associations in the region. For example, to get judokas used to competitions and tournaments. Organized joint lessons allow advanced judokas to gain experience with judokas from outside the club.