Tumble judo

Children want to move. It is important that they are stimulated by their environment to move together with other children because this is how they develop their motor and social skills. They will benefit from this for the rest of their lives! In tumble judo classes, your toddler is introduced to the basic principles of moving in a playful way.

Who is tumbling judo meant for?

Tumble judo is for all children aged 2 to 3.


In tumbling judo, toddlers practice different forms of movement in a relaxed atmosphere. During the lessons, special attention is paid to learning to move and fall safely (on a soft judo mat). This reduces the fear of hurting yourself.

Because of the judo-related approach, the children also learn to deal with physical contact. Tumble judo is something you do together. By moving with each other, you learn to trust each other and interact with peers in a respectful way. Children with fear of failure gain confidence and self-esteem. Busy children learn to better control and manage their energy.

The order in which movements are taught is often the same for all children. However, it is possible that your child learns in a different order or that your child skips a milestone. For example, crawling is sometimes skipped. Every child develops in his/her own way and pace. There is room and attention for this in our tumble judo classes.

There are many options for exercising both at home and during tumble judo. A variety is covered in the tumble lessons. Think of playing, running, jumping, rolling, frolicking, various hearing and listening games or playing with a ball, balance games, and more.

Tumble judo groups

Young toddlers of about 2 years old are very busy discovering themselves, while children of 3 or almost 4 years old are often much further in their development.
In order to ensure that the teaching program is in line with the rapid development of the children, the classes are divided by age.

In the case of 2-year-olds, the child follows the lesson together with a dad/mum/grandfather/grandma or another supervisor.
During the class for the 3-year-olds, the children stand “independently” on the mat together with the teacher and dojo assistant(s). By the time the child is almost 4, it is tried to let the children do exercises together.
If your child turns 4, they will move on from tumble judo to a judo group where they will do (even) more exercises with other children.

As stated before, each child develops at his own pace. As a result, one will move on to the next group a little earlier and the other a little later. The development of the child comes first, age is an indication, but not leading.


As a parent, you can participate in tumbling judo with your 2-year-old toddler. Please, do not wear jewelry or other sharp objects (such as belts) on the judo mat. This is for the safety of yourself and your toddler. We recommend you wear a pair of long sports pants and a T-shirt.

For the 3-year-olds, parents are welcome at their trial lesson, after which the children follow the lessons independently.


If you are interested, you can contact us via the contact form. It is also possible to take a free trial lesson.