Protocol against unacceptable behavior

In this document, we as BUDO GOUWELEUW have set out how we try to prevent sexual intimidation within the club by stimulating desired behavior and avoiding risk situations. It was then explained how we deal with situations in which this does happen or threatens to happen and what sanctions are possible if a situation is not resolved.

1. Promoting Desired Intercourse

It is very important that budokas feel safe in their sports environment. This includes that they should not feel sexually harassed. In order to minimize the risk of this, we have drawn up a number of handling rules. These rules can be found below:

  1. I accept and respect the other as he is and do not discriminate. Everyone counts within the club.
  2. I take into account the boundaries set by the other.
  3. I don’t bother the other.
  4. I do not harm the other.
  5. I do not abuse my dominant position in any way.
  6. I don’t swear or make mean jokes or comments about others.
  7. I don’t ignore the other.
  8. I do not participate in bullying, laughing or gossiping.
  9. I don’t fight, I don’t use violence, I don’t threaten the other, I don’t carry weapons.
  10. I do not come too close unintentionally and do not touch the other against his or her will.
  11. I do not give the other unwanted sexual attention.
  12. I don’t ask inappropriate questions or make unwanted comments about someone’s personal life or appearance.
  13. If someone is hindering or harassing me, I ask him/her to stop doing this. If that doesn’t help, I’ll ask someone else for help.
  14. I help others to also keep to these agreements and speak to those who do not keep them and report this to the board if necessary.

The above rules are already made known to all our members upon registration and they must agree to them before they can become a member.

These rules can also be found on the website. Information about the confidential contact person is also provided here. This includes both a job description and contact details. Members, but also teachers, board and parents/guardians are asked to report undesirable behavior to the confidential contact person if they encounter or suspect this. The contact person is indicated on the website of the association as well as on the bulletin board in the dojo.

In addition to the general rules of contact, we also apply additional rules for teachers, coaches, assistants and others who play an active role around the young budoka (hereinafter a: ‘supervisors’).

It concerns the following rules:

  1. The facilitator must provide an environment and atmosphere in which the budoka feels safe.
  2. The facilitator refrains from treating the budoka in a way that affects the budoka’s dignity, and from penetrating further into the budoka’s private life than
    necessary in the context of sport.
  3. The counselor refrains from any form of (power) abuse or Sexual Harassment towards the budoka.
  4. Sexual acts and sexual relations between the supervisor and the young budoka up to the age of sixteen are not permitted under any circumstances and are considered sexual abuse.
  5. The accompanist may not touch the budoka in such a way that the budoka and/or the accompanist can reasonably be expected to perceive this touch as sexual or erotic in nature.
    to experience.
  6. The counselor refrains from (verbal) sexual intimacies via any means of communication.
  7. During training (stages), competitions and trips, the supervisor will treat the budoka and the space in which it is located, such as the dressing room or the
    hotel room.
  8. The supervisor has the duty to the extent in his power to protect the budoka against damage and (power) abuse as a result of Sexual Harassment. Where it is known or arranged who represents the interests of the (youth) budokas, the counselor is obliged to cooperate with these persons or bodies, so that they can perform their work properly.
  9. The facilitator will not give the budoka any (im)material compensation with the apparent intention of asking for compensation. The supervisor also does not accept any financial reward or gifts from the budoka that are disproportionate to the usual or agreed remuneration.
  10. The facilitator will actively ensure that these rules are observed by everyone involved in the budoka. If the supervisor identifies behavior that is not in accordance with these rules of conduct, he will take the necessary action(s).
  11. In those cases for which these rules do not (directly) provide, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to act in the spirit thereof.

We also require all supervisors to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and we check via the JBN whether they are included in the registration system for Sexual Harassment perpetrators.

2. Resolving Sexual Harassment Situations

If a situation arises in which a member nevertheless feels sexually intimidated, they can contact the confidential contact person of our club. This can be reached via confidential contact This person is trained to assess such diverse situations and to initiate and supervise the associated procedures.

3. Sanctions

A number of the sanctions are external to the club, such as a prosecution for violation of articles from the Criminal Code. However, internal sanctions can be imposed after consultation with the
confidential contact person may be imposed by the board/management. The board hereby puts the collective interest of its members above any individual interest of a member.

On behalf of Budo Gouweleeuw
The board