To become a member

Are you excited after a trial lesson? Or do you not need a trial lesson to know you want to join Budo Gouweleeuw? Become a member! You can subscribe via the online subscription form. You can also come by the dojo during opening hours and sign up at the reception desk.

Before you become a member, we would like to list a few things for you. On this page you can find all the practical information for this.



Click here for the contribution tariffs. Keep in mind that we charge a one-time registration fee of €10 per member. Also keep in mind that you might be eligible for a discount.


All our classes are given at our dojo at the Willem Bilderdijkhof 165.

Start membership

It is possible to sign up for our club at any given moment in the year. The membership starts after filling in our membership form and after the registration fee (€10) and the remaining contribution for the running term is paid.


The annual contribution is to be paid in 12 monthly terms by preauthorized debit (‘automatische incasso’). The amount is equally divided over the 12 terms, regardless of holidays or sickness.

Sometimes the preauthorized debit is blocked by the bank, when there are insufficient funds on the bank account for example. In this case, please contact the reception desk. A member for who the contribution payment is made too late cannot participate in activities such as exams or competition.

However, we trust you to see to it the contribution fees are paid on time.

Ending the membership

Ending the membership must be done by filling an submitting this form or and must be done at least one full month before the end of the term.

After ending the membership, the preauthorized debit is stopped after the notice period.