House rules

In this document we, BUDO GOUWELEEUW, have laid down the house rules we use in the club.

General rules of conduct

It is important that our budoka’s can practice their sport in a safe way and also treat each other respectfully and in good order.
order with each other. For this reason we apply the following rules of conduct:

Our budoka’s

– Treat each other with respect.
– Listen to the sensei, he or she is in charge during class.
– take care of their personal hygiene:

  • have short toe and fingernails.
  • have clean feet.
  • have a clean suit.
  • take care of old wounds at home before class.
  • have new wounds treated at the front desk.


– dress neatly:

  • take off jewelry on the tatami.
  • wear long hair (over the shoulders) in a ponytail with an elastic band, without iron or pins.
  • Wear slippers or socks outside the tatami.
  • As a woman, wear a white T shirt under their suit.


– Behave in the dressing rooms:

  • Keep them clean and tidy.
  • change their clothes themselves from the age of 6.
  • do not leave valuables behind. They should preferably leave them at home or leave them with the reception for safekeeping. The association is not responsible for loss or theft.


– Do not eat or drink in the dojo.

– If they are unable to attend, they should cancel through the website, by phone or at the reception.

Our spectators

– determine where children under the age of six will be helped to change clothes. Women with child(ren) in the ladies changing room, men with child(ren) in the men’s changing room.

– Sit on the benches along the sidelines and behave inconspicuously.

– put their phones and other sound devices in the dojo on silent.

– If you have questions or remarks about the lessons you can contact the reception.


The trainers regularly pay attention to the above rules of conduct and we see to it that they are adhered to during the lessons.
We will see to it that these rules are followed during budo lessons.

On behalf of Budo Gouweleeuw
The board