“Dojo actief”

What is ”Dojo Actief”?

Dojo Actief was founded after a number of our members indicated that, although they were no longer actively involved in Judo, they still wanted to keep playing sports and especially “just having fun” while moving together. We started working on this and a form has been created in which working out in our own typical “gezellig” atmosphere is central. Working to your own ability and ability on a better cardio in a pleasant atmosphere.
Today the group consists of various participants: fanatic judokas who are looking for extra strength and fitness training, former judokas who like to continue to work out at the club and also members without judo experience who would like to work out in a group.

What do we do at ”Dojo Actief”?

Well, that is very varied. For many people, this variation makes training fun and that in turn motivates them to come every week. It also ensures that there is always something that you find enjoyable and/or challenging. For example, one class it is a circuit training, the other week we go wild on a punching bag, or we do fitness with simple tools. Games are often also incorporated. We appreciate input from participants. Feel free to come with a wish or idea, we will see how we can do something with it.

Who can participate in ”Dojo Actief”?

Dojo Actief is suitable for a wide audience. This is mainly because we consciously choose simple exercises, but even more because you determine the intensity yourself. Of course we try to challenge and encourage you. But if you can’t or don’t want to do something, you can always ask for an alternative, adjust the exercise yourself or skip the exercise and take a short break. Pace, numbers, intensity are completely in your own hands and no one will judge you. Dojo Actief is therefore for everyone who just likes to exercise!


Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00 (from 15 years)

Thursday 18:00 -19:00 (from 12 years)


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