Youth competition resumed

Now that the Corona measures are over, the competition judo has also started again. Our competition judokas occasionally compete at other clubs or participate in tournaments. They don’t do that every weekend. Competition judokas (and their parents) can decide for themselves when they do and do not participate in something. For judokas up to and including 12, there are quite a few fun tournaments in the region to participate in, both for beginners and advanced players. The competition judokas older than 12 also have to go a little further away now and then if they want to compete more often. For example, Aron traveled to a tournament in Houten, where he achieved a wonderful second place on the podium. You can find out which tournaments are where, when and for whom in the agenda on the Budo Gouweleeuw website.

Is it necessary to be a super talent to participate in competition judo?
That is not the case at all. Our competition judokas enjoy the competition. Enjoying the sport is paramount. It is important, however, to train seriously with the competition judokas on Tuesday evening under the guidance of Raymond van der Meer. There, they will learn techniques that are specifically very useful in a competition. Would you like to train with us sometime to see what it’s like, let your own judo teacher know, or send an email to the competition secretary (Masja van Meeteren, mother of Jaap and Loes) via competition

Is it necessary to train very long and hard before you start competitive judo?
No, that’s not the case either. There are tournaments for all levels. Age, weight and experience are always taken into account. In some tournaments, a coach is also accompanied from the club to support the judokas. Bes participated in a tournament for the first time last weekend: the Eurotournament in The Hague. And she immediately won the third place. Well done!

Club ranking
For every time our competition judokas participate in a tournament outside the door, they receive points. We keep these points in the club ranking. You may have seen these hanging on the whiteboard in the dojo. At the end of the season, the winner will receive a nice present. Loes is currently in the lead, and Aron follows closely.

Our own competitions will take place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May. Do you like this very much and would you like to compete in judo more often? Then it might be fun to participate in the Happy Judo Kids tournament. This tournament is especially intended for real beginners: judokas who want to see if they would like to do judo matches more often. A bit like our own mutual matches. More information about this tournament can be found in the dojo or by contact