Final Round of the Comrades Competition

Last Saturday afternoon, May 14th, the last round of the Ne-waza (judo on the ground) Team Tournament for this year was held and four of our seniors went to Voorburg to represent our club.

These TEAM competitions were held between 4 different clubs;

  • Budo association Gouweleeuw
  • Budoclub Voorburg
  • Westland Kodokan
  • Judo association Guan Lin


After a warming up and a nice ne-waza lesson, the tournament started.
In the end, Westland Kodokan turned out to have won the most team matches.
Therefor, they went home with the “challenge cup”, a Kimono on which they can put their club emblem.

Our team had a great time this year and last Saturday Nicola, Fedor, Boyd and Lars defended our club. And they really worked hard, and showed good judo, well done !

Earlier rounds, Verena, Taico, Filipe, Raymond, Hans, Simon, Jordi and Emmanuel were also there to compete.
When the other associations came to our dojo on March 19th, many of our volunteers helped to make it a success: on the mat as a referee, or behind the table as a timekeeper or scoreboard keeper. But also by preparing the dojo, registering participants, and providing drinks and sandwiches for afterwards.

In the new season, after the big holiday, we will start again with a new competition. Next year, it will consist of 8 clubs, so a total of 8 team competitions for which you can sign up to participate! We hope to see even more of our judokas on the mat. It’s not about winning or losing, but about having a nice randori team afternoon together.

Of course, an audience can come and watch to support and encourage their club!