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Have you ever practiced judo when you where still young and fresh but has your judogi been collecting dust for years? No problem, at Budo Gouweleeuw you can pick up your hobby where you left off! Do you think the start of your studentship is an excellent time to learn self-defence? Our jiu jitsuka’s are a tight and warm group that will welcome you with open arms.
Do you yearn for relaxation after harsh study sessions? During the tai chi sessions you have the entire mat at your disposal to work away the stress.

Budo Gouweleeuw gives classes in judo, jiu jitsu and tai chi. Sport is for the young and the elderly, the chubby and the slender, the beauty and the unsightly. Everyone is welcome at our club, whether superior or subordinate. Do feel like tasting our atmosphere someday? Fill the contact form and join us for a free trial lesson. We will contact you to find a lesson suitable for you. Under classes you can take a look and see which times you like best.

Student offer

Attendees of higher education can train with us for half of the regular contribution. This means you can follow a class every week starting from only € 10,= per month! The conditions for this offer are as follows:

  • you are a full-time student;
  • you upload a photo or scan of your proof of enrollment in the form
  • you take a subscription of at least 3 months.