Report youth camp

The second edition of the Budo Gouweleeuw Youth Camp was a success too, at least according to the organizers😉. Rain clouds gathered above the scouting building in Maasland over the weekend, but regardless the planned program took place. The children got more than enough exercise outside, worked well together as a team, thought tactically, and were also creative.

The theme was Japan. Some children thought we would eat sushi, but we didn’t. However, Japanese team flags were designed and painted, a lot was done with Japanese characters and some children took up origami. Lanterns were made which, of course, were used during a lantern tour in the dark environment around Maasland. First, during an ‘animal sound game’, coins had to be earned with which they could pick up a light for their lantern from a large Pikachu.

On the second day, there was a competition between the teams. All teams defended the honor of their team and their flag well. The flags could already be seen in the dojo last week.

The photos of the youth camp can be found via this link, have fun looking at them!