Sophie 2nd dan judo

Sophie van Bodegom has passed her 2nd Dan!

On Saturday April 23rd, Sophie van Bodegom took the exam for 2nd dan judo.

After your black belt, you can take exams for an even higher dan degree. For every extra stripe on your belt, you must show two katas in addition to standing (tachi waza) and ground (ne waza) techniques. Sophie started with the Go No Sen kata, this is the takeover kata, where uke, Hidde, attacks, and tori, Sophie takes over the technique. Afterward, Sophie showed the Nage No Kata, these are 5 series of 3 techniques that must be performed on the right and left. The role of Uke was very well fulfilled by Hidde. After being on the mat for half an hour, Sophie passed!!

Congratulations on behalf of Budogweleeuw with the great result!