Kyu Promotions registration opened

Soon, the Kyu Promotions will take place again. This is the chance to show what you can do and earn a belt or slip! They will be held from January 22nd until Sunday 28th of January *. Registration closes on January 14th.  Parents can watch in the dojo!

The schedule is as follows:

Monday January 22th:
17.00-18.00: 5 year olds*

Wednesday January 24th:
15.00-15.45: A judo*
16.00-17.00: 4-5 year olds*

Thursday January 25th:
19.00-21.00 jiu-jitsu **

Friday January 26th:
17.00-18.00: 4-5 year olds*

Saturday January 27th:
8.30-9.15: tumble*
9.15-10.00: 4-5 year olds*
13.30-16.00: 12+ **

Sunday January 28th:
9.15-10.00: tumble 2 year olds*
10.00-10.45: tumble 3 year olds*
10.45-11.45: 4-5 year olds*
12.00-13.30: 6-7 year olds
13.30-15:00: 8-9 year olds
15.00-16.30: 10-11 year olds


* The exams for tumble judo, 4-5 year olds and A-judo will be held during their own class this week (22nd  till 28th of January). NB! These judokas must also register via the registration form.
** 12 years or older. Ask for permission from your teacher AND find an UKE before registering.

Any questions? Send an email to