Grote clubactie

You may have already heard, “de grote clubactie” has started again! All of our members can collect their own booklet to sell lottery tickets at the reception, so that this year we can again collect a nice amount of money for our association.

After last year’s record of €2397.96, from which we financed part of the camp for our younger members, the recent barbeque, and some nice new materials, we are shooting for €2700,- this year.
From this we again hope to organise fun activities and buy new materials.

The tickets cost €3 each, of which 80% goes towards BudoGouweleeuw.

Not only do you sponsor our club, but you can also win €100,000, a holiday cheque, and Pathé thuis vouchers! For all the available prizes see the grote clubactie website.

As a ticketseller you can also win some amazing prizes and will get a beautiful medal when you have sold at least 25.
My medal from last year is still shining at home 😉


Sell tickets

At the reception you can get a booklet with lottery tickets. Our yoga-members and senior judokas/jiujitsukas  can also participate!
You can hand in your booklet at the reception when you are finished selling lottery tickets. The deadline for submission is Thursday November 9th.


Buy tickets

Of course it is great if you buy some tickets from Gouweleeuw members, but there are other options too:

  • There is a QR code on the whiteboard in the hall of the dojo which you can scan to buy a ticket.
  • It is also possible to buy lottery tickets online via the following link.
    This link can of course also be shared with friends and family.


If you have not bought any tickets yet, check the whiteboard in the dojo or help me to earn my medal this year by going to this page.


Stefan Hugtenburg
Member of the “ledenraad” and at the moment of writing 8th on the leaderboard of “top sellers” for Budo Gouweleeuw