“Zeker Bewegen”

At ZekerBewegen you learn how to prevent falling as well as possible. You will also learn how to fall safely and how to get back up quickly after a fall. Each week you will practice a number of recurring themes: balance and mobility exercises, falling, rolling, and getting up.

The word says it all: Move Confidently. Learn and train how to stand more firmly on your feet, improve your balance and how to fall more safely, and get back up again. Experience what a firm and steady gait is. Practice getting up from your comfortable chair. And learning how to prevent serious injuries by training your fall skills.

But ZekerBewegen offers more: it is moving together in a relaxed and fun way! With a group of peers from the neighborhood and under the guidance of a specifically trained ZekerBewegen instructor. Each exercise is carefully tuned to the capabilities of the individual and/or to a specific situation in or around the house.

It works!

The Knowledge Center for Sports recognizes ZekerBewegen as a well-founded sports intervention: “The exercises to learn to fall safely and get back up combined with muscle strengthening and balance exercises ensure a strong improvement of the movement skills and confidence in their own abilities in the participants.”

The participants experience that the class series is effective. It works! In the JBN magazine they tell how their self-confidence increased, their fear of falling diminished, and how they (dare to) do more. Both indoors and outdoors.


  • Contains muscle and bone-strengthening exercises, (game) exercises to promote balance, and exercises that contribute to safer falls and firmer standing;
  • Practices with other peers.
  • Is affordable;
  • Is concluded together with a cup of coffee or tea.

The emergence of ZekerBewegen

In our aging society, the number of hip fractures due to falls is incredibly high. No other sports association has specialized knowledge on safe falling and standing up, keeping your balance, and moving with confidence: it is the basis for aikido, jiujitsu, and judo. For the JBN reasons to bundle and share this expertise.

In 2015, the judo federation developed ZekerBewegen in collaboration with fall trainer Yos Lotens and physiotherapist Danny Meeuwsen. Briefly, this consists of six exercise classes, which are tailored to the exercise capabilities and risks of older people. The age of the participants varies from 55 years to 90-plus.


The costs are € 25,- per month. For this amount, we give a lesson every Tuesday from 10:30 to 12:00. – Zeker Bewegen has been stopped at the moment, we will offer this again if there are enough participants. Interested participants can join dojo actief. –

Interested? Ask for a free trial lesson